Economic – Ecological – Social

Companies today are increasingly measured by their orientation to sustainability. Based on our long experience, we know where the future is heading. In keeping with our philosophy, our business success is based on a strong customer orientation coupled with the fulfillment of our economic, ecological and social responsibilities. In the future, sustainable performance in all our production and business processes will continue to gain importance, not just for our company but for our customers and suppliers as well. We are facing up to this central challenge and this ongoing process.


Our company can look back on more than a hundred years of experience. We have always placed great value on controlled, sustained growth while conducting ourselves in a socially responsible manner. The position in the market that we have gained and our employees’ treasure trove of the experience create a good foundation for us to capitalize on future market opportunities and continue to achieve economic success. The important prerequisites for high customer satisfaction include a focus on the desires of our customers and continual quality assurance. For example, our weaving mill has been ISO- certified for years; and in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 since 2010.


With our products, we make an active contribution to environmental protection in many ways. Our technical textiles, for example, protect against ground erosion and desiccation, minimize material usage in packaging materials, or make a valuable contribution to ecologically responsible construction. In addition, we rely on raw materials that make ecological sense, such as yarns that are made of natural fibers or are completely biodegradable. We offer FSC®-certified garden furniture to enable our customers to buy garden furnishings made of tropical or other endangered wood without concern. We are FSC®-certified for our business segments garden & leisure and wallcoverings (FSC® C121181). LECO supports the objectives of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to assure the maintenance of forests and their wide-ranging functions with an environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically sustainable handling of forests. In our wall covering business, our insulation coverings have made a valuable contribution to the reduction of heating needs in living and business spaces for many years. Our high-quality awnings protect interiors from excessive solar radiation. As result, temperatures and the need for air-conditioning are significantly reduced. Solar energy assists in the production of the awnings that provide protection from the sun! Electrical power – about 270,000 kWh annually – produced in our solar systems is used directly for the production of our awnings.


Qualified and motivated employees are an important foundation for LECO’s success. The company currently has about 180 employees. We rely on training and education to live up to our high standards on a long-term basis. As a part of their training for industrial and commercial job descriptions, we impart a broad spectrum of knowledge and real-life skills. As a result, our trainees are well educated for their professional futures. The high share of longtime employees testifies to our staff’s high satisfaction and bonds with our company. In some cases, they have played a role in the company’s development for more than 30 years. We are not just an attractive employer but a reliable partner and good neighbor! We stand behind Germany and its economy and are deeply rooted in Münsterland. That’s the reason that we develop our production facilities in Emsdetten and continually expand them.