About us – Technical Fabrics

A traditional industry with a vision

Although we have stayed true to our roots when it comes to natural fibre fabrics and still maintain our traditions, we always remain focused on the future. Therefore, we are able to offer a broad range of versatile fabrics by continuously developing and refining our products.

LECO Technische Textilien

Innovation and Development

Future markets – trends and markets are constantly changing. Our textile solutions contribute to the development of new, innovative products and processes and thus pave the way towards progress. As your partner, we can offer you the prospects of a variety of new opportunities. Our products’ outstanding material properties are already a great benefit for numerous industrial sectors, such as the automotive, food and packaging industry.

We let your ideas become reality!

Thanks to our extensive machining facilities and many years of experience in production, we have the capabilities to individually manufacture our products to match your specific requirements and wishes.

Our possibilities

  • Fabric widths: 10 – 430 cm
  • Grammages: 8 – 2,500 g/m²
  • Different mesh sizes
  • Various thread diameters
  • Additional additives upon request e. g. UV resistance
  • Fabric finishing options e. g. coating, calendering  and heat setting

Our machining facilities

  • Production; Projectile looms and rapier weaving machines
  • Warp production; Warping and beaming machines
  • Making-up; Doubling and rolling machines