LECOTex Composite

Composite – Fabrics for thermoplastic and duroplastic composites

Our fibreglass and roving fabrics are used in
composites as reinforcing textiles, enhancing the finished product.

Thanks to our customised production we are able
to meet our client’s individual material and product

Our fibreglass and roving fabrics are primarily
characterised by their exceptional resistance and
durability against environmental influences which
provide a reliable basis for your application.

Product properties:

  • Hybrid roving based on glas/PP and glas/PA
  • Fibre glass yarns and glass roving fibres with different finishes
  • Various grammages, widths and weave designs
  • High levels of mechanical strenghts
  • Consistent high quality as a result of the constant monitoring of our continuous manufacturing process
  • Excellent further processing properties

Application examples:

  • Caravan industry
    Reinforcement for laminates
  • Automotive industry
    Unterbody systems and structural components
  • Construction industry
    Scaffolding boards
  • Sports industry