LECOTex Multifil

Multiflament fabrics – a high-quality solution!

Our multifilament fabrics are used where high
resistance are required and so they generally
reinforce and enhance the finished product.

We manufacture customised products according to
the different designs and defined material properties.

Our multifilament fabrics are especially characterised
by optimum flatness and excellent strength
properties – offering a high-quality solution for you application!

Product properties:

  • Multifilament yanrs based on PP, PET, PA
  • High quality, tear-resistant
  • Optimum flatness
  • Defined properties:
    shrinkage, flame retardancy
  • Different grammages, weave densities, widths,
    weave designs
  • Textile finishing capabilities:
    heat setting, calandering


  • Filtration
    Filter fabric for manufacturing filtration media
    such as filter cloth, filter bags
  • Needle felts & Nonwoven
    Backing & reinforcing fabric
  • Building & Construction Industry
    Reinforcing fabric
  • Building & Construction Industry
    Reinforcing fabric for construction sheeting & roofing membranes