Natural fibre fabrics – A sustainable solution!

Our natural fibre fabrics are made of renewable raw
materials such as jute, linen/flax or cotton and form
the basis of LECO’s product range. This tradition is
future-oriented since today’s natural fibre fabrics are
sustainable and well in tune with market demand.

Depending on the application, our fabrics reinforce,
protect or enhance the finished product.

They are especially characterised by excellent treatment
and processing capabilities and as a result of their origin
as a renewable raw material offer a sustainable solution!

Product properties:

  • Natural fibre yarns based on jute, linen/flax, cotton
  • Biodegradable
  • Made of renewable raw materials
  • Excellent further processing properties:
    finishing, treatment, dyeing


  • Building & Construction Industry
    Jute & linen as reinforcement fabrics in loam construction
  • Shoe Industry
    Jute as backing fabric in soles & insoles
  • Sewing Workshops| Saddleries
    Jute, linen, cotton for manufacturing bags,
    covers & tarpaulins
  • Gardeing & Landscaping
    Jute as burlap cloth for protecting root balls of plants