Individual manufacturing solutions

Sewing has been a tradition at LECO for many years. We mainly convert the fabrics produced in our weaving mill into the most varied products. The manufacture process is individual and customer-specific.

In recent years, we have specialized in the manufacture of technical items and custom-made products. We use several types of fabrics and materials and the mode of manufacture is based on the customers’s desire (with eyelets, different seams and stitchings, packaging…).

Examples of use:

We sew textile curtains and wind protection tarpaulins on a large scale for use in stables in the agricultural sector. The dimensions of the tarpaulins vary with every order and sizes of up to 200 m² are not unusual. The curtains are used for ventilation in blind systems requiring tailor-made, high-quality fabrication.


  • tarpaulins to cover containers (for the transport of bulk cargo)
  • tarpaulins for wind and visual screening
  • jute tarpaulins to cover bitumen
  • silage tarpaulins for use in agriculture


  • round bottom bags made of crêpe paper (as transportation containers for the pharmaceutical industry)
  • bags made of monofilament fabrics or non-wovens (for filtration applications)
  • flat and box bags (the transport and protection of cargo)
  • bags made of cotton fabric (for seeds)