Our paintable wallcoverings simultaneously combine exclusive design potential and technical functionality. Since the dawn of textile wallpaper back in the 1970s, we have continued to progressively develop. The result today is that we are able to meet any customer requirement with our comprehensive know-how and the broad breadth and depth of our paintable non-woven and glass fibre fabric portfolio.

Impressive not only due to their appearance, but also because they are functional and longlasting, our design wallpapers are frequently used where durability and an attractive look are called for.

In addition to innovative design wallpapers, we also offer functional wallpapers for various application areas. Whether for sound absorption, thermal insulation or covering surface irregularities – our extensive selection of functional wallpapers will meet all your needs and also look stunning.

Our wall coverings are paintable and dimensionally stable to enable simple application. Manufactured using a sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach, our products are also Oeko-Tex® certified.